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Celine Rose Mariotti has a new ghost story out, one that will really make you believe in ghosts and the hereafter.  George Bowman, a country singer and banjo player, had passed away after being very sick.  His wife Melinda was left alone.  But only a couple of months after George’s passing, Melinda heard the banjo playing and there in the loft was George playing his banjo.  This was the beginning of many appearances by George and each time he appeared he asked Melinda for a favor.  She was sent on a quest to look through his papers for insurance policies, contracts with his record company, lyrics to his songs, and many other things he asked her to look for.  Melinda together with her best friend Rose are on a journey to discover secrets about George’s life.  The story has a very surprising ending!

Price of book - $12.95

CT Residents only-sales tax-6.35%=.82cents. Total with tax=$13.77

Postage-$3.50. USA. Canada=$8.00; overseas=$16.00


Celine Rose Mariotti has a new book out entitled “The Return of George Bowman”, the sequel to her other book “I Hear the Banjo Playing” in her George Bowman series.  In this sequel, George Bowman is back living his life on Earth; playing his banjo; writing his music; appearing on TV shows; recording a CD with his new partners-Calvin and Jeremiah.  Meanwhile, the ghosts of his old partners, who are up in Heaven, Floyd, and Trey, continue to haunt him.  St. Peter zaps George back to Heaven as he doesn’t like the way he is carrying on back down on Earth, but George promises to do what St. Peter asks so he is sent back down to Earth. To add to all the mystery and chaos, Richard Dawson and Mickey Rooney who see that George Bowman got a chance to return to Earth, and his music career, both want to return to Earth themselves.  They soon get their wish and Mickey Rooney resumes his acting career, making a movie; and Richard Dawson is on the Game Show Channel with his own new game show.  All seems to be right.  Till one day St. Peter gives George a special assignment.  The mystery will continue in book three, “The Mystery of George Bowman and his Banjo”.


Price of book - $12.95

CT Residents only-sales tax-6.35%=.82cents. Total with tax=$13.77

Postage:  USA-$3.50;  Canada-$8.00; International-$16.00


This is my first poetry book and I am proud to tell you about it.  It is called “Through Celine’s Eyes”  It is a collection of poems about my grandparents, my parents, my sister and my uncle, my hobbies and interests, friendship, writing, and some about Connecticut.


If you would like to order my book, please fill out the form below along with your check payable to Celine Rose Mariotti and mail to address listed.


“Through Celine’s Eyes”   - Price:  $9.95 (+ CT Residents add 

Sales Tax 6.35%) 

US-$3.50 postage                                               

( postage for Canada-$2.10; UK or Europe-$10..00

Australia, New Zealand or Japan-$15.00)


Celine Rose Mariotti has a new young adult science fiction book and it is entitled “Atomic Soldiers”.  This is the story of the Capricorn-29 Space Ship venturing on a journey to the planet of Saturn.  It is the year 2515 and all the people who were on Earth in the 1980’s and 1990’s are back on Earth again.  President Ronald Reagan is once again the President of the United States.  The crew of the Capricorn-29 space ship encounter all sorts of alien space ships and aliens who find a way on to their space ship.  But they are protected by a special military unit called “The Atomic Soldiers”.   They meet up with the Russian space ship, the Mishka, and they connect their two ships and travel together.  Captain Vladimir Kisusky is very impressed with Captain Feldman.   Captain Feldman relies on the Atomic Soldiers to help them and defend them against these evil aliens.  Zach and Matthias are traveling on the space ship with them and they have all their atomic weaponry with them.  It is a story of big adventures; aliens; a Robot who is a friend to the crew; and some interesting scientific information about Saturn.  And a landing on Saturn!  “Atomic Soldiers” is published by Hireath Publishing.

Will be released soon!

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