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Book Marks & Note Cards



                  Celine Rose Mariotti

                  Contact me at:



                                    Prices for bookmarks:  (for any book you’ve published)


                                    For 20 bookmarks-$20.00-can be 20 for one book or ten of one and ten of another

                                    Postage:  $7.00-Laminating fee-$7.00

                                    I laminate the bookmarks for you.


                                    For 30 bookmarks-$30.00-can be 30 for one book or 15 of one and 15 of another

                                    Postage:  $9.00-Laminating fee-$8.00

                                    I laminate the bookmarks for you.


                                    For 40 bookmarks-$40.00-can be 40 for one book or 20 of one and 20 of another

                                    Postage:  $11.00-Laminating fee-$9.00

                                    I laminate the bookmarks for you.


                           International Postage:  $26.00


                                    PRICES FOR NOTECARDS:


                                    For design for notecards-(doesn’t need to represent any book-can be whatever you’d like on it-          flowers, rainbows, teddy bears, nautical, countryside, etc-or can be a cover for one of your books)


                                    Adjustments to design for printer-$15.00


                                    International Postage-$28.00


                                    Printer’s price as she will format them and print them out and also mail them for me:






Here are her prices:


                                    Quantity:  24

                                    Notecards-1 design-$42.00


                                    Quantity:    12

                                    Notecards/2 designs. (24 card total)   $42.00


                                    Quantity:     12

                                    Notecards/3 designs (36 card total)   $45.00


                                    24  Blank Envelopes-$3.00

                                    36 Blank Envelopes-$4.50



                                    Printer’s Note:


                                    This quotation is based on the specifications provided and is subject to review upon receipt of the actual job.  It is assumed that all digital artwork/files are output ready.  Any changes may result in additional charges and/or delays.


                                    Notecards will print in full color, 1-sided on a bright white coated cover stock and will be scored in half.  Size of card is 4 ¼ ¨ x 5 ½ ¨.  Blank envelopes are available.  CT Sales Tax and shipping if applicable will be added to order.

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