Celine's Books for Sale

To order a book you can purchase from Amazon or directly from me at my contact information.  Red White & Blue and Words of Inspiration are not on Amazon only can be purchased directly through me.

“Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?”  Celine Rose Mariotti is proud to announce that Dreaming Big Publications of Mississippi is republishing her mystery book “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?”  “Olivia” now has new illustrations and a new cover done by Bob Veon.   “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” is a ghost mystery set in Maine.  The main characters are Bobby, Noel, Uncle Eb and Mrs. Hollister.  Bobby and Noel set out to find all they can about the ghost of Olivia MacAllister, who appears to them several times throughout the story.   They do their own detective work to uncover the story of “Olivia”.  The story has a very interesting ending.  A real page turner.  It is for children ages 8 and up.


Price:  $12.95

If you are a resident of Connecticut, sales tax is 6.35% so you will add .82 cents to the price of the book.

Postage:  USA:  $2.70

“I Have a Friend on Jupiter” is the story of two young kids, Carlos and Indiana who both love to research about outer space online.  They find a web site where they can write to aliens in outer space.  They both find a friend on the planet of Jupiter.  At first, they keep it a guarded secret but then one night they ride their bikes up to the Observatory where they befriend Professor Hagerty and they tell him about their space friends on Jupiter.  At first, he is skeptical if the people they are writing to are really aliens from Jupiter.  But when their friends from Jupiter let them know they are coming for a visit, he begins to take it a lot more seriously.  A whole adventure begins when their space friends from Jupiter come to Earth to visit them.  The story takes place in New Mexico.  It is published by DreamingBig Publications and this is the second edition.

If you wish to order my book, the price is $14.00.  If you are a Connecticut resident, the sales tax is 6.35% and the total with the sales tax =$14.89.

Celine Mariotti has a new e-book out entitled “I’m Too Young to be President” published by Clayborn Press of Arizona.  This is the story of a student named Keith DiBiasi who attends a Catholic High School in Jackson, MS.  He decides he wants to be President of the United States and his teacher Sister Louisa agrees to be his campaign manager.  Together with the other students and the other nuns, they find a way to outwit the system and Keith pulls off the most spectacular surprise!  It’s a real page turner!

Price:  $7.50

If you are a CT resident, the sales tax is 6.35% which =.48 cents.  So for CT residents that would =$7.98.

Postage =$2.00

Celine Rose Mariotti has a new book out!   “Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson”.  This is a story of a perfect Senate!  It is a political adventure.  This is the first in the “Adventures on Capitol Hill” series republished by Dreaming Big Publications of Mississippi, a small press. Celine’s book has a new cover and it has been re-edited.

The Senate votes on a resolution to voice their disapproval of President Robinson sending troops to Botswana.  After the vote, later in the day, Senator Andy Thompson is kidnapped.  Senators Hunt Wagner and Darius Clemens hold hearings to find out who’s responsible for kidnapping Senator Andy Thompson.  Meanwhile, the FBI is searching for him.  The Senators suspect the deputy assistant Secretary of State, Brian Travors as the one who had Andy kidnapped.  President Robinson has a heart attack.  Throughout the book, there is a debate on a health care bill. 

Price for one copy is: $12.95, plus 6.35% sales tax for CT residents which =.82 cents, a total of $13.77

Postage for USA-$2.90; Canada-$6.50

Celine Rose Mariotti’s book, “Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane” is being republished by DreamingBig Publications of MS.  This is the second book in this series.


If you liked  “The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson”, you’ll be excited to read “The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane”.  This time murder stalks the House of Representatives as Congressman Michael Rhodes is accused of murdering Secretary Cane.


House Minority Leader Dack Jamison comes to Michael’s defense.  While Congressmen Mario Ceccarrelli and Simon Goldstein play detective, the rest of the House debates National Health Issues, and Congresswoman Priscilla Jones leads the fight for womens’ rights, Brian Travors  holds a gun on Congressman Rhodes and forces him into a car.  Then the political shenanigans begin to add up.

If you love a good mystery with intrigue and adventure, you won’t be able to put this book down.

Price:  $12.95

For CT residents, sales tax is 6.35% which =.82 cents.  Total = $13.77.


Red, White and Blue-a very patriotic poetry book by poet and author, Celine Rose Mariotti.  The poems in this book are all about America.  They tell the story of our flag, Old Glory.  The poems pay homage to all the Veterans and soldiers who have fought and died for our country from every war.    Included are poems Celine wrote about her Dad and her Uncle who were both Veterans.  Poems in the book are about World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the current Gulf War.  Poems in my book honor the immigrants who have come here.  The poems honor the many Presidents we have had as well as some of the outstanding members of Congress we have had over the years.  They also pay honor to the policemen, the firemen and the paramedics.  The last poem in the book is all about 9/11.  If you are a patriot and one who loves America with all your heart, this is a book for you.  God Bless America!!!


Price of book is:   $11.00 plus CT sales tax of 6.35% which =.70   Total=$11.70



Celine Mariotti has a new book of poetry available.  She has self-published this book and it is entitled Words of Inspiration.  The poems are all inspirational and they offer hope, faith, love and also tell a story, not only about my family, but also about people like Frank Sinatra, the New York Giants, my best friend Tricia, and our old neighbor, Barbara, plus a special poem about my old guitar teacher, Bruce, and one about Tom Jones, and another about Dean Martin.



If you wish to order, the price of my book is $9.95.  If you live in CT, the sales tax is 6.35%.  A total of $10.58 for Connecticut residents.


Postage for the USA =$2.70; for Canada=$6.80; and for overseas=$12.00.