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CRM Enterprises is a professional word processing service which offers a writing service for individuals and for businesses.  CRM Enterprises is the brainchild of Celine Mariotti, its sole owner, writer, proofreader, translator.  I am a published writer and my work has appeared in many literary magazines around the United States, Canada, England, Scotland and India.

When you utilize my services you will save time and effort and at the same time you will receive a professionally prepared document.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at CRM Enterprises.

I offer the following services:

  • Word Processing/Typing  

  • Editing/Critiquing

  • Correspondence

  • Mailing Labels

  • Academic Papers

  • Manuscripts

  • Mail Merge Letters/Address Labels

  • Resumes/Cover Letters

  • Business Cards

  • Advertising Labels/stickers/Notecards

Assistance with writing and proofreading your business letters, memos or documents. 

For students - assistance with writing term papers or proofreading.

Translation - German and French - Translate letters, faxes, or any longer document.

Critique Service - More details under Author

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